CelTivity Biopsy System

High resolution

imaging device for sub cellular-level biological tissue imaging

non-invasive & non destructive

real-time optical biopsy


(Full-Field Optical Coherence Tomography) produces images showing the tissue architecture without sample processing or staining

Dynamic cell imaging

produces images showing the intracellular activity data without sample processing or staining

Technology's immediate benefit

In the context of tissue imaging for cancer diagnosis, AQUYRE Biosciences  anticipates the following benefits:

the full-field OCT technology employed by the CelTivity is the sole technique to offer axial resolution (i.e. in the vertical, z-axis) of 1 µm, which gives the best image clarity and precision.

(rapidity of diagnosis): the technology currently enables image capture on a 1 cm² region of tissue in 1 minute, thereby enabling immediate quality control of biopsies.

in the event of complex biopsies that require hospitalization and/or anesthesia.

that allows reuse of the biopsy: no need for dyes, contrast agents or tissue freezing.

Analysis can be carried out remotely

AQUYRE Biosciences products can be employed directly. No calibration, no complex set-up procedure is necessary. User training is completed in under half a day.

cells image

CelTivity™ Technical Data

Dimensions310 x 360 x 700 mm
Weight20 kg
Main input voltage, frequency and current100 to 240 V ~AC, 50 to 60 Hz, 3A
Compliance to international standardsOC IEC 61010-1
OC IEC 61326-1
CE – Research Use Only
Axial resolution1 µm
Transverse resolution1.5 µm
Field of view1.3 mm x 1.3 mm
Maximum Field of view (with mosaicing)25 mm diameter
Maximum sample size27 mm diameter x 5 mm height
Penetration depth200 µm to 1 mm
Frame rate75 Hz
Snapshot camera resolution
(widefield sample image)
50 µm
Image formatsDICOM; export JPG, TIFF, PNG
Included in packageBiopsy Scanner unit
High-end screen
Acquisition and viewing software

Intended Use Statement: The Light-CT Scanner is intended to acquire, store, retrieve, display, and transfer optical coherence tomography images of unsectioned excised surgical tissue and FNA for review by physicians to assist in forming a clinical judgment. The Light-CT Scanner is not intended as a primary means of diagnosis. This system has FDA Class 1 clearance.