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Automating the process of biopsy adequacy assessment through intraoperative microscopic analysis

The CelTivityTM Biopsy Systems captures unique data from biopsies and produces a “heat map” of highly active cells within a biopsy sample to rapidly and accurately identify cancer, immune and other cells.

digital automation

Revolutionizing the digital automation of rapid on-site biopsy assessment.

Virtual contrast

Virtual contrast displayed dependent on the activity level of individual cells. No staining or biopsy preparation required.

dynamic cell imaging

DCI-Dynamic Cell ImagingTM captures and displays real-time cellular data from intraoperative biopsies.

CelTivity Biopsy System

Intended Use: An FDA Class I in-vitro diagnostic medical device. CelTivity aims at providing a rapid on-site microscopic optical image of unstained surgical specimen immediately after resection, for review by physicians to assist in forming a clinical judgement. The benefits of using CelTivity are to better anticipate patient care and to improve medical institutions’ efficiency.

celtivity tm biopsy system

Workflow Integration

CelTivity provides biopsy adequacy assessment from a fresh and unprocessed sample and delivers results in a few simple steps. The unadulterated biopsy then be sent to pathology, along with the Celtivity images.

More Than Just A Pretty Picture

The results allow proceduralists to identify and interpret different cell types such as cancer cells, immune cells, granuloma, and others to properly assess biopsy samples for adequacy.
This data captured allows pathology to prioritize their focus on specific specimens for further examination.

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celtivity biopsy system

The CelTivity Biopsy System

Aquyre brings the revolution of digital medical imaging to the cellular scale and within reach for all to use. The technology allows the proceduralist to make real time assessments of the quality and content of their biopsy samples.

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